How much does it cost to make a website?

As a web developer, this is maybe the second most asked question after “Can you reinstall my Windows?”. And when you Google search it you can find all kind of answers from “you can make it yourself” to “an arm and a leg”. So I will try to break it down for you. The categories are:

  • Do it yourself –  Just don’t. If you don’t have that kind of money just ask a student which is trying to break in this industry. He needs a portfolio you need a website. It’s a deal. You can give him a box of chocolates or something similar as a gift so he knows he did a good job.
  • It’s only 50$ max a 100$ – It’s not. A domain costs at least 10$ for a .COM if it is on sale and at least 20-40$ for hosting. If you give at least 90 working hours for a website. (Even my static websites need more time than this.) In a month you have close to 160 working hours so if you work as a web developer you will get maks 50-100 $ after paying for the hosting and domain? You have studied more than 5 years and continue because this is a fast paste world?
  • Use Winx or any similar software – It can work but it has its limits. Most of the websites are like WordPress made but don’t have the flexibility. That doesn’t mean that they are useless or anything similar but they can mainly be static websites but they are beautiful (I have some favorites.)
  • Companies like us – We try to be as cheap as possible but still making cool projects. This is only to put bread on the table. We don’t want to make millions with making project websites. Our goal is to make a SaaS or a cool new CMS. (From there we want to make those millions we talked about a second ago.)
  • An arm and a leg – Like everything, there are companies which just want too much. I understand that every second and every byte counts but if it is 0,000001 seconds faster and they want +200$ don’t botter. There are better places to put your money, not on this. Things like advertisements, better hosting, even on a cake. These are all better than giving $800 for a simple static website.

So as you can see these are my main categories. These are brief and as you can see it’s from “the hearth”. If you have any questions or want to add something just write it in the comments.

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