How to Start a Blog – Guide for Beginners

In most cases I’m sure that you guys have seen/know what a blog is and what it typically does but here is a simple explanation:

Your words in a written matter. – Gabo 2k18

That is why most people mix everything up from the beginning because they try to make it too formal, too like everybody else. It doesn’t matter what kind of topic you have the easier to read the better work it does for you/your business and etc.

Pick a CMS

In most cases, this is really hard and people mix things up. There isn’t the best CMS for it. I will give 3-4 examples and tell you why these are good but that doesn’t mean that it is the best for you.

  • WordPress – Everybody knows WordPress. It has it’s good and bad. A lot of plugins, themes, and tutorials but it is really slow in most cases.
  • Medium – It is a free service and you have something that you don’t need to host. Yes, no themes and plugins but if you want to add your information somewhere it is a good place to do it.
  • Ghost – It is free it is fast but doesn’t have a lot of plugins and themes. If you like simplicity you got it.
  • Any Wix, Weebly, and similar services – You pay for a halfbaked product or in other words it looks great in most/all cases but features/SEO is really horrible. I have tried to make it work but it was really hard and I needed more time to make it work than writing the project from the start.

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