E-commerce sales success doesn’t happen overnight, but you can increase the chance by having good product pages.  Lead nurturing necessitates implementation of an effective marketing strategy and fine-tuning of product pricing. That said, some e-commerce websites are doomed to failure from the get-go.

Why E-commerce Product Page Design Matters

Imagine that in the real world, you are presented with two different stores selling the latest iPhone. One is an immaculately presented Apple store. The other is a generic smartphone store in a neglected part of town.

In the above scenario, most real-world consumers will elect to buy a product from a more reputable looking store, even if the same item can be purchased cheaper elsewhere. This is because first impressions play a hugely important role in cultivating consumer trust.

Sadly, many e-commerce store owners overlook the importance of high-quality e-commerce product page designs. Instead, they focus the total of their attention on marketing and paid promotions. As a result, store owners experience lackluster sales, while often repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Unique Product Page Design

As a basic rule, product pages in Shopify, WooCommerce, or other online stores, need to be optimized in a way which builds trust among site visitors.

Above all else, e-commerce product page designs need to be attractive, interactive and appear visually trustworthy. Each page, after all, is an open 24/7 product showroom, each pixel of which should incentivize visitors to add items to shopping carts before visiting elsewhere.

Given the above, product pages should:

  • Embody exciting designs which draw visitors in visually
  • Appear secure and professionally presented
  • Not imitate product pages from other stores like Amazon or eBay
  • Feature a wealth of well-presented product information
  • Use a professional sales funnel and feature a strong call to action

Great product images & videos

One easy way to help product pages standout can be to include relevant product media ready for consumption by site visitors. Unboxing videos and image galleries help enthuse site visitors about products. Moreover, nothing builds better trust in products than videos and images showcasing products in use. This is even true when videos are embedded from third party sites like Youtube.

If you need WooCommerce support or hosting we can help with that task. You can read E-commerce glossary if you want to renew your knowledge.