One off tasks

Get the WordPress support you need, without the monthly retainer.

The perfect solution for web professionals who manage multiple sites. Our one-off tasks and bundles can be used across all of your websites. There is a huge variety of tasks we can provide you. Here is part of them:

Bug Fixes

Something is broken on your website? We will help get your website back to normal.

Website Edits

Helping edit your pages. content, images, themes, products, and adding new stuff as you go.

Plugin setup

When you have a big website having 50 plugins is normal. We can help you maintain the stability and configure them as they should.

Website migration

Looking for a new home for your website? We can provide you with the help you need. Full move fast and simple.


Everybody loves a fast website. If you want to be fast, we can provide the support you need. It helps even SEO.

Bug Fixes

Something is broken on your website? We will help your website back to normal.

WooCommerce support

We can help your WooCommerce website, setting up new plugins/APIs/Addons and more, and implementing any required improvements.

Malware issues

Did your website get hacked? We can kill the bugs and help your website heal again. Cleaning everything and protecting it.

(If you don’t see your task here just contact us, we forget to update the website from time to time.)