[WebBusters] Myths about social pages and websites

I’m sure that you have heard of social pages or websites before right? Like everything else on the internet, there are some myths that have to be “busted” just so business owners don’t do mistakes and lose money and clients because of a bit laziness or just no information about it.

    • The social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google + ) has a lot of users and it will tell people about my business.

Yes, you are right about one thing. They have a lot of users but that is it. Have you ever looked at advertisements in your pages  I don’t care what kind just any kind. On a typical Facebook page, there are at least 10 advertisements and I’m sure you don’t know all of them. That is why your social page doesn’t have to be the “end” of the journey of your user. Use these kinds of pages to redirect them to your websites. You don’t get money from likes, shares or anything similar.

  • It is too hard to control all these pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google + )

Cool CMS like WordPress and Drupal have plugins for such occasions. Even we use a plugin like that for all our social media. That is why the myth is just a 2006 problem but not now.

  • It is cheaper to have only a Facebook or Instagram page.

No and no … Seriously, guys, I’m sure you browse them at least 30-60 minutes a day. It isn’t that hard to add a new photo, post, and just share. Yea it is not the best but it can still help.

  • If I have a website or a Facebook page it is just the same

The only reason you would tell someone this if you want him to fail. You need a website as much as you need social pages everywhere your customers are. YOU need them. In a next post, I will add more information about it but you need it.

  • Not a lot of people browse our website but more our facebook page

Then fix it. Yes, you can buy from a Facebook page, get information or talk to the person you need but when was the last time you heard a person told you he bought a phone, pair of socks, milk or anything from a Facebook page? It is just unprofessional but you don’t want that don’t you?

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