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E-Commerce trends you need to implement for 2020

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The e-Commerce space is changing quickly. Like everything else in the internet it needs to be updated frequently to be competitive all the time. In this blog post I will suggest you the best things to implement in 2020 if you have not done them.

Live chat and chatbots

Live chat

Like every year the e-Commerce trends change a lot. There are always something cool and interesting things to add to your online store. In 2019 chat robots and live-chat started to invade all kind of websites and e-commerce will not be left behind. People hate waiting for an e-mail or to talk to the automatic robot thing for 30 mins just to get one simple answer. That is why Live chat started to be a real game changer. It provides excellent options for e-Commerce stores to provide support and answer questions answers may have about your products, stores and etc.

Chatbots on the other hand help help automate similar tasks and if they are done correctly can be a real life saver. Robots will invade e-Commerce stores. Well, robots such as chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) designed to enhance a customer’s overall shopping experience.

AI assistants can handle a number of tasks typically assigned to a human, such as managing inventory or handling inquiries. These digital assistants carry out various processes, freeing up time for you to focus on other aspects of running the business.

Personalization and Customer Engagement

Personalization and customer engagement

Compared to the traditional shopping experience online shopping can be real connected with your audience. Your online stores don’t have the retail person who will try to recommend a product which the person may need and in most cases try again and again because the consumers now want to be unique. That is why to mimic this kind of experience of the better version of it you can connect your website to search engines or similar providers and see what really your client needs and give it to him.

That may sound amazing but this is really important and can help your online empire grew. The point is not only to show something to someone but the perfect gift to the perfect person. Much like personalized emails generate more than 6x times the transaction rates and convert more than cold emails.

Using personal online data such as search queries, page visits, and purchase history, brands transform their online stores to best serve the customer’s needs and interests. For instance, login to your Amazon account. You’ll find recommended products based on your past purchases, ads tailored to your search history, and marketing copy speaking directly to you. Expect more brands to follow suit as personalization technology becomes easier to integrate into e-Commerce sites.

Mobile will matter more and more

E-Commerce trends you need to implement for 2020 1

This is something that we all know and should work to. Everybody has a smartphone and it doesn’t matter if its an Apple, Samsung or etc. Your customer wants to use your store everywhere so you need to make it work. Now optimizing responsiveness and speed should be a top priority because even Google is made it as a must.

Easier checkout Experiences

It doesn’t matter if it is connecting with Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon checkout or Facebook. You need to make it as easy as possible. People like to have options and they should. Don’t connected only one payment processor or social login. Connect as much as possible. People hate having unused accounts just to use your online store. In some cases websites without social login can be closed and your clients can open a competitor.

AR experiences

Shopify AR experience

Copyright Shopify

AR, or augmented reality, is a great way to allow your customers to envision your product in their own space. This is mainly for the in the big liege.

Some e-Commerce platforms, like Big-Commerce, have apps in their app stores that have AR capabilities. Shopify also has integrated programs like Shopify AR. It provides you with all of the instructions on how to get your 3D products into your Shopify store.

Subscription based services

Subscription based service

People love subscription based services. It is a sure win in both cases (customer and retailer). If you don’t currently offer any of your products in a form of a subscription stop reading and do it right now.

Subscription-based businesses also allow you to better manage your inventory, as well as provide additional customization and personalization options to build relationships with your customers.

If you need any help to understand it or checking if your website will have problems with it, you can contact us for more information.

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