If you have questions we have answers. ( Most of the time )

  • Do you offer discounts for more than one website?

Yes and no. Firstly we need to see if you are “qualified” for our hosting. If you are you are going to get a discount don’t worry.

  • Can you help us with changes on my website?

Write us we can help. There is a dedicated team just for that.

  • Are you 24/7/365?

Nope. It will be a lie if we tell you there is a person every hour a day but that doesn’t mean we are slow or can’t help you. We are just correct to you and will fix everything as fast as possible. (max 24 hours for the big bugs)

  • My website is hosted (hosting company) can we change it?

If everything is according to plan even we will do it for you. *free don’t worry

  • How much time will a task take?

Every task is different so we can’t give you an estimate. Every time when we try to work as fast as possible but some task are to complex so don’t rush the team. We give quality not quantity.